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Traceless Biometric Security System

The Traceless Biometric Security System being proposed provides Maori Electronic Gold currency system ultimate security and banking privacy for users. Traceless Biometrics Authentication unit/system will be incorporated as part of the entire system and all systems managed in a secure operations room by the Bank or Treasury Department for all incoming/outgoing transactions between commercial and Central Banks.


This unique and automated Virtual Traceless Biometrics Authentication unit/system operates without storage of unique biometric information and complies with all privacy standards. The Traceless Biometrics Authentication unit/system will be located in Data Center(s) in front of the servers' pipelines, without changing the existing server configuration/system. This means that SGBA's satellite system, when implemented,  will be totally secure while interface with commercial and Central Banks and also act as a platform for branchless banking worldwide, via Warrior Investment Bank. Adopting the software language program like ISO 20022 as the standard platform would make each electronic clearing and settlements systems immediately interoperable, globally.


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